Ballet is where you learn the fundamentals of dance. All levels will start at the barre and pending the level move across the floor as well as center floor work.


Level 1 : Will consist of terminology and placement.


Level 2 : Will work on the same principals above with an added emphasis on across the floor. In ballet 2, dancers can pre-pare for pre-pointe. This is at the teacher’s discretion and is simply an evaluation to put your dancer on the right track to moving forward.


Level 3 : In addition to all above will be working on center floor work and adding leaps and various combinations.


Level 4 : Will encompass all faculties of ballet. This class will move at a faster pace and will learn variations in center of the floor. Fluidity, strength, and movement will be used to acquire perfect posture and placement within all levels. 

hip hop

Level 1/2 : This class is Hip Hop with a creative twist. Will focus on body awareness within different techniques emphasized in a choreographed structured class. Dancers will participate in a wide variety of exercises to help enhance their movement, artistic expression, and performance quality. This class will push them past their physical limits which will cause incredible break throughs that will help not only in dance, but in life.

Level 3/4 : This class is Hip Hop with a creative twist. They will focus on developing and nurturing essential skills to build strong dancers. By engaging in choreography and fun games that revolve around dance and movement we will further your dancer’s memory, creativity, performance quality, social interaction, and team work.


This class is designed to begin from the heart. Dancers will learn to intuitively find creative ways to explore movement. Dancers will learn how to use emotion through movement and use creative concepts and technique. Each dancer will find their own power through discovery and presence where uniqueness is celebrated.


Level 1/2 : This class is participant oriented. Dancers will learn the fundamentals and technique of jazz dance. Practice, repetition, correction and clarification of all basic movements will be the focus.  Dancers will learn movements across the floor and improve on all their technical skills. 

Level 3/4 : Dancers will learn flexibility and technique, this will include tricks, turns, leaps and kicks. Dancers will learn choreography to upbeat music and incorporate their knowledge from ballet. This class will include floor work as well as movement across the floor. 

jazz funk

Level 1/2 : Will focus on teaching your dancer jazz technique and street jazz performance. They will learn confidence and how to move feely on their own as well as how to pick up choreography quickly. 

Level 3/4 : Will learn combinations featuring a blend of street jazz and hip hop at a faster pace. Your dancer will learn stage presence, confidence, and performance techniques. This class will focus on stylized movements and expand on their jazz technique.


This class focuses on increasing flexibility and working on the technique needed to be successful in any style of dance. 

tlc - turns, leaps, conditioning

This class will focus on body alignment, weight distribution, transferring of weight, counter balance, and opposition in resistance. This class is technique based and will improve and work on all leaps, turns, tricks, and movements across the floor.


Level 1 : Dancers will learn the fundamentals and history of tap. Basic tap steps, rhythm patterns, and dancers will be taught how to count music. Combinations will be traditional with a twist of modern choreography.  Dancers will learn how to become the music through the art of tap.

Level 2 : Dancers will take the fundamentals and history of tap and expand their knowledge. They will continue working on perfecting basic tap steps, learn more complicated rhythm patterns, and dancers will continue to be taught how to count music. Combinations will be a little more challenging but still traditional with a twist of modern choreography.  Dancers will learn how to become the music through the art of tap.

Level 3 : Dancers will be challenged to continue working on the basic technical elements of tap. They will learn principles of weight distribution in center warm-up and traveling technical steps across the floor, with a focus on rhythm and keeping time with the music. This class will be taught at a faster pace and dancers will be engaging with each other and learning counter rhythms. 


Level 1/2 : This class is a fusion of jazz and ballet. Dancers will learn to be more fluid and more body aware. Your dancer will learn how to take emotion and use that to enhance their movements. Your dancer will learn the art of storytelling through graceful movements and some floor work. This class is also a great way to instill confidence, fun and exercise. 

Level 3/4 : This class will have the same elements as level 1/2 with an added focus on choreography. Lyrical/Contemporary is a progressive art where repetition makes perfection. Dancers will learn the narrative side of music and learn to be open to all torso related movements. This class is an excellent way to express yourself artistically and expand their knowledge from other dance forms. 


Students will learn to tell a story and/or express a message through dance in a style that combines ballet, jazz, and modern. Students will learn to be conscious of every movement of their body, as well as how to properly connect those movements to the music. 

acrobatics (acro) - all levels

Dancers will learn to strengthen their bodies and minds to create shapes and execute tricks past traditional dancing. Dancers will learn proper technique of gymnastics, stretching, and preventing injury and fighting fears. Strength, flexibility, control and confidence are the main focuses in this specific class. Everyone will leave with a better understanding to the fundamentals of acrobatics.

musical theater - all levels

This class will focus on three main points; history, technique, and performance. Dancers will receive information on different eras, trends, choreographers, and styles. Dancers will also learn choreography with the specific style they are studying. Proper jazz, and Broadway techniques will be combined with stage ready coaching to fully embody the spirit of musical theatre.




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